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When the call of your soul catches up to you – Discovery of my life’s mission

One day I have my head underwater, and the other day my head is into the stars, this is how I am. Between sea and sky, I could found my balance to move forward with this destiny that, his arms for years and to whom I didn’t manage to take the arm in return. I thought it was an illusion that became my reality in the course of my travels. This reality such persistent and for which I couldn’t understand why she was following me like the speed of the light in the Universe. When the call of your soul catches up to you, this is a disruption!

Overwhelmed by this reality, it has been evidence that I wasn’t travelling for my pleasure but for my work. This work that started essentially with photos continued with writing. The need of writing is always part of my life, it was like evidence to write my feelings, my questions, my fears, my doubts or also my joys in a private diary started when I was 10 and I never stopped it. When I understood that I could only not photograph subjects despite my passion for photography, the first thing I thought was to create my travel blog in which I post my articles straight from my imagination but especially from my soul linked them with my photographs.

Photography and writing are became my work tools that I always use when I am travelling. This is behind my camera I decided to show you the beauty of the world to get people to realize that Planet Earth on which about 8 billion humans being are living must be protected, respected in the view of its growing fragility, human being species is rushing towards their own destruction. My articles are there to bring reflexions behind my pictures. Here is my life mission: the environment!

Over time, travelling became something normal in the eyes of my friends, parents, acquaintances, and colleagues, I often have the same questions such as: When are you leaving? What is your next destination? Or: I would go with you! Questions and reflexions for which it makes me smile because I know why. Through those reflexions and questions, we give me about travels I always thought travels were only a passion and next to them I could be like everyone, which is not the case. During my first solo travel, life’s vision that I had and my life’s vision changed, I realise that I was light years away from this life that everybody is building or dreams of. Honestly, I was afraid of because at that time I found myself face to face to another Géraldine that I didn’t know and who made my a huge impression but reassuring because she learnt to me to listen to my intuition. This is during this first solo travel that I learnt to listen to my intuition that keeps coming with me in my travels and in my life. We all have an intuition that talks to us all the time, it just needs to listen to her and let her express herself. By doing this, we give the place she needs to express herself within our body because she is the only guide that gives us a direction we must take in a precise moment, make choices that are evident in order to be in harmony with ourselves and with the world around us.

During this travel, I understood I was not like everybody, and even if a part of me kept to convince myself of the opposite. Being like everyone it has never been my thing, and naturally, I am different. I always felt like this that is still the case. Despite this difference and after my return from Australia and South-East Asia, when I have been confronted to this society once again, I kept convincing me that I could be like anyone despite this distress cry within myself not to can express itself and not to Be! It was a protection way, a mask I put to not to show to people the true person I was and I am still, not to show which inspiration I had in the depths of my soul in order to not to be confronted to critics. So what I did? I decided to conform to society to force myself to be another person that I have never been and I am still not, to wear a mask permanently to hide my emotions, my feelings, my thoughts in order to protect myself against critics from others. By doing this, I took hit by going against who I am truly. This is the call of the soul that catches me agaiup! !

call of your soul

These are people who came to me without having asked them something. But why are you still in Switzerland, you who love travelling? Why don’t you do something in the photography field, you who love photography? When are you leaving? Where is your next destination? Could you give me some advice about this destination where I am going? Where have you been the last time? From where are you coming? All of those questions have been really asked me over and over again, and I said to myself that if those people make me remarks concerning my travels, ask me so many questions about this subject, there is something I must do! Yes, there is truly something!

To understand the how and the why to all of these questions, I decided to find this answer in order to put pieces of the puzzle together of this huge puzzle: Puzzle of my life. For this, I went to the depths of my body to listen to what my soul was telling me for years and the answer came to the surface !! What a beautiful revelation! Thanks to that, not only pieces of the puzzle have been assembled to discover my life’s mission because I always felt I was on Earth to fulfil a mission but I had not any idea about which one. I always matched to sick persons, this is why my dream as a little girl was to become a doctor and I went to the medical field.

With this revelation, I said to myself that it was time to accept myself that is my true nature and let my soul have a big space for her expression and together we can realise HER mission. She chose me to fulfil this mission! So what is my true nature? Well, I am this girl who takes her backpacks, her camera and goes exploring the world to raise awareness among people about the environment, climate change, fauna and flora in the goal to preserve this wonderful Planet Earth and its inhabitants.

It could be both atypical and utopian but this is my reality, this is my aspiration, this is simply me, atypical like never before!

Thanks to my passions and people I met, I finally find my place in this world and why I am here. As long as I travel, I explore the world with my camera and I write on my blog, I am totally in harmony and peace with myself and that has no price. This is just joy!

When your passions catch you up, those are revealing your true nature that manifests much more because this one can express herself fully and through them.

Thanks, Universe!


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