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The Wat Pho Temple 

Bangkok – Thailand

Wat Pho temple
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Wat Pho Temple

My experience

I have been several times at Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok while my stays in this city and it still has been a lovely moment there. I would say this temple has a particular energy with an intense peace; this is the magic of Wat Pho. This makes us want to stay there for a long while with its impressive and beautiful reclining Buddha.

Wat Pho is not only linked with reclining Buddha but also this is also a sanctuary where families pay a fortune for having their relatives near to them. When you are walking around you may notice tombs with a Buddha on the top. In my opinion, this make you want to commune with ourselves at those tombs.

Wat Pho is also known for the most famous Thai Massage Medical School in the country in which you can learn Thai Massage or having a Thai Massage. I learnt Thai Massage and Foot massage in this school, which it was very nice. Even if English is not their language, you understand teachers well and they are very helpful especially because they want you to be a good massage therapist. I highly recommend this school for learning Thai Massage.

This temple must be on your Bangkok’s bucket list while your stay in the Capital of Thailand. In my opinion, this is a peaceful place where, even if there are a lot of tourists, the beauty of its architecture must be appreciated such there is a huge work behind it.

Wat Pho is particularly inspiring with all its colours and arrangement for photographers as I am. I love taking photograph of monuments I am visiting to show to people their beauty and inspired them to take them on their bucket list.

Wat Pho temple
Wat Pho Temple

Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram Ratchaworamahawihan is the official name but it is known also as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha but the more commonly known name is Wat Pho a derived name.

This temple with an area of 80’0000 square metres is associated with King Rama I is situated in the eastern of Chao Praya River in Bangkok and in the south of the Royal Palace (Grand Palace). Its construction started in 1788 but its last restoration was in 1982.

Wat Pho, one of the oldest temples of Bangkok is also the birthplace of the Thai Massage.

Wat Pho temple

Reclining Buddha 

Reclining Buddha with 15 m high and 46 m long is the main monument visited at Wat Pho Temple and represents the entry of Buddha into Nirvana and the end of all reincarnations. Concerning its soles of the feet they are 3 m high and 4.5 m long; they are divided into 108 panels with different symbols such as flowers, dancers, white elephants, or tigers. At the centre of each foot there is a circle representing a chakra.

During your visit of Reclining Buddha, visitors can drop coins in bowls for having a good fortune. On the other hand, it helps monks to maintain the Wat.

Wat Pho temple

Phra Ubosot

Para Ubosot is the most sacred part of the Wat Pho; this is a hall used for Buddhist rituals with a gilded Buddha from the possible Ayuttaya’s period; an umbrella is over the statue representing the authority of Thailand. Phra Ubosot has been built by King Rama I and enlarged and rebuilt by Rama III later.

When you arrive at Wat Pho, you are going to see Chinese Ballast that are gate guardians, which give a certain charm to this temple. They are a mark of naval trade from China. You will find Chinese Giants with European clothes representing the first European who visited and introduced tradition of this continent in China and you will find others Chinese figures such as both in human and animals, a workman, or still a Chinese monk…

Wat Pho temple
Wat Pho temple

Why do I recommend it?

This temple is pure beauty and for its History and architecture but also for its place in Thai Culture, Wat Pho must be visited or visited again. With a location near to the Grand Palace, you can visit both monuments in one day.

With Grand Palace and Wat Arun, Wat Pho is a famous monument in Bangkok with many tourists who want to discover it but do not be worried about that. What is important is creating your own space and trying to forget the crowd all around in order to enjoy the present moment. I am telling that because it is something demoralizing.


Travel info

Travel info 

I visited the Wat Pho in April 2013 and February 2016

Where: Bangkok

Country: Thailand

To get to the Wat Pho in Bangkok?
To get there: with the Sukhumvit Line

  1. Take the Sukhumvit Line from Siam station to Saphan Taksin station
  2. Take a boat from Saphan Pier to Than Tian Pier 
  3. Go straight ahead from Tha Tian Pier to the Wat Pho (about 5 minutes walk)
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