Uluru or Ayers Rock is not only a simple rock that attracts many visitors around the world but also especially it belongs to the aboriginal people. From millions of years, this majestic rock is standing in the middle of Australia. When you arrive for the first time, you are speechless such is beautiful. This rock invites you only to admire it. You could stay there for a long time such its energy is powerful and there are good vibes. 

This rock allows you to remember that you are in the aboriginal’s territory. This feeling is strongly felt in this area, more than in Australian cities, where you have more the impression to be in an occidental country.

Aboriginal people are very connected with their land and we notice it strongly while our visit of this park.

My experience 

It was my best experience in Australia, maybe my favorite one.

Before starting my trip from Adelaide to Alice Springs, I have already known that we were going to have hot days in the Red Centre, and it was the case with around 50°C degrees.

So I started the journey from Adelaide and when I arrived to Uluru, I experienced the sunset. I was lucky because the sky was completely clear and the colors of Uluru were absolutely beautiful.

I spent nights at Ayers Rock Resort Campground, which is a big camping site. All facilities, such as toilets, and showers have to be shared with others campers. We spent our nights on the ground in a swag under a clear sky, it was in this way that you felt asleep. It was magical because there was nothing else except stars’ light.

I was traveling with a group of travelers with which I had good memories from Adelaide to Alice Springs. When we are traveling alone, we have many options to choose such as doing a road trip or traveling with a group of travelers, and this is what I decided to experiment.

AS we are there to observe sunrise & sunset, the following morning we woke up in order to see sunrise over Uluru. This has been a beautiful and magical sunrise. No word can be described what I have seen there.

Concerning sunrise & sunset observation, there are two lookouts called respectively Uluru sunset viewing area and Uluru sunrise viewing area, which are well-situated so that people can take nice pictures despite of the fact that there is crowded seeing that it is a touristic place.

After the first 2 days in which we experimented sunrise and sunset at Uluru, the third day we went to Kata-Tjuta also called Mount Olgas. We woke early to have an impressive sunrise over Uluru and it was the case.

Then, after those two amazing sunrises we went to Kings Canyon. Over there, there is a walking path of 6 km, which it takes 3-4 hours, and the best times to undertake it are either at sunrise ou at sunset times.

I visited this part of Australia at the end of January, and I highly recommend you to visit this place is Auguste and September, it should be better than at this period of the year when days are really too hot with almost 50°C degrees.

At Ayers Rock Resort, you can choose between different kind of accommodation from a 5-star hotel to the campground. There is also a supermarket that is an IGA where everything is expensive even a bottle of water.

Climbing on Uluru

Climbing is not prohibited, but is is better not to climb to respect their beliefs and culture. Many people have died while climbing Uluru, and many others have been injured because it is physically demanding. In case of problems health, do not need to climb.

Getting to Uluru

Getting to Uluru

 By road

 From Alice Springs to Uluru : 6 hours for 463km

 From Adelaide to Alice Springs : 16 hours 06 minutes

 From Darwin to Alice Springs : 16 hours 53 minutes

 If you plan to go to Uluru by car, it is important to follow those instructions :

Driving safety checklist

Road report

 By air  

 To Alice Springs Airport (direct flights)


 Virgin Australia

 From Adelaide Airport : 2 hours 05 minutes

 Airline companies 

Qantas -> 6 flights per week

Virgin Australia -> 3 flights per week

From Melbourne Airport : 2 hours 50 minutes

Qantas -> 1 flight per day

From Sydney Airport : 3 hours 10 minutes

Qantas -> 1 flight per day

From Perth Airport : 2 hours 45 minutes

Qantas -> 1 flight per day

Weather and Climate

Weather and Climate at Uluru

Uluru is situated in a semi-arid desert with a variation of temperatures between seasons. It might be cold in winter and extremely hot in summer.

 Summer (December to February)  -> Temperature : about 35-40°C

Winter (June to August) -> Temperature : about 22°C

Nights are cold in winter!!

Activities in Uluru

Things to do in Uluru

  • Birdwatching
  • Bushwalking
  • Culture centre
  • Sunrise & sunset
  • Camel tours
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Uluru, the Australian monolith – Australia

Uluru Uluru or Ayers Rock is not only a simple rock that attracts many visitors around the world but also especially it belongs to the aboriginal people. From millions of years, this majestic rock is standing in the middle of Australia. When you arrive for the first...
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