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Magic of travels 

Travels are a great life experience everybody must do it at least once in his life!

Traveling means taking his backpack and going off to explore the world. By traveling, we do not discover only the world but also our self. In fact, it is like a big discovery we are doing inside of ourself. Travels bring a feeling of liberty, a feeling of novelty because it is a new adventure that we do not know very well and also because we are breaking all things that we already know in our life in order to discover something different.

Traveling is also going out of our comfort zone and having confidence in life because when we are traveling we put our life in “life’s hands” because anything is under control anymore. That is why, we need to trust in life when we are traveling and not to be afraid of what it could be happened.

By having trust in life we decide and especially we accept to see things differently with new eyes and being open to what the reality is all around the world without any restrictions because travels allow to people who want it to see life differently and being confronted with another reality.

What travels bring are new experiences by discovering local people in their own country with their traditions, cultures. It is also a good way to understand them better. In fact, when we are in their country and seeing how they are living, we can also see them with different eyes because above being a local people they are like us human being. What it is important too, is to show them up that we are not tourist but human being like them because that is what they are seeing thanks to our skin colour and our traits.

Traveling breaks all prejudges that we all may have before. It allows realizing what the reality is for those people and for travelers like us is a good way to see differently another reality that is not the same one in our home country. After all, we are all same ones but which it shows our differences between us are skin colour, cultures and traditions, but inside of ourselves we all have this same light, which is called soul. This soul is the same for each human beings but evolve in different levels of evolution. That is why certain are living in poor countries or in development, others in countries under war, and finally others in developed countries as Occidental countries. Because each soul must learn a lot of thing in the place where it has decided to be reincarnated by interacting with other ones.

So, traveling, and going to see what happens elsewhere, it enriches you in term of personal and spiritual evolution. This is the best experience ever that we must do in our life. Go out of your comfort zone and do not be afraid to explore the Earth, its inhabitants, and enjoy traveling by taking all the experiences, meetings that life brings you during your pathway.

Travels are adventures, experiences which allow us to explore our “inside world” in order to collect our force. This incredible force allows us to do what we all want to do, and to go where we want to go without any difficulties and doubts because when we realize it, everything in our life is becoming easier.

This force may be discovered by any different ways but it is true that travels are an excellent way to pull it out. When we are travelling, we need this force in order to keep traveling alone or with a travel buddy. Psychologically and physiologically, travels are very exhausting despite of what we really think that is why keeping and using this force when it is need it, it is really important in order to be well balanced.

Finally, yes there are tough moments during a travel such as moments of doubts during which we can have a lot of questions and also moments of disillusion during which we could stop everything, but traveller remember that is the aim of any travels, which give all this magic that we all need in order to keep traveling and living.

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