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Travel photos

Welcome to my gallery with my travel photos I have pleasure to share with you.

All my travel photos are coming from my Instagram account -> @travelsofgeraldine and @inmylittlebackpack

Inspire you, be amazed through my travel photos to discover my work, my inspiration, my world.

Admire the beauty of Planet Earth with its inhabitants, landscapes, wildlife, nature, and cities through my travel photos.

My aim with this gallery is here to give you some travel ideas, but also to allow you to see the world around you with another sight thanks to my travel photos. Environment is very important to me and that is what I show through my travel photos.

You will see travel photos with cities, wildlife , and landscapes among others travel photos of my gallery. I invite you to dream during your visit of my gallery with all my travel photos in order to plan your next vacations or your next adventure. Thanks to my photography, you will have some great ideas for your travels, and your holidays.

Go off to discover this beautiful Blue Planet, which is Planet Earth. Open your heart to her and like all of his wonder that she has.

I want to aware people with my travel photos about environment and its issues in order to protect Planet Earth because this beautiful planet is in danger with what human being are doing.

That for this reason, I decided to share my travel photos to show up to people her beauty, and what she give us daily. This is a sensitive planet who deserves to be well treated by human being.

You can follow me on Instagram under @travelsofgeraldine and @inmylittlebackpack

Hope to see you soon on Instagram to have your feedback.

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