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Experience along the waterside – The Sauflaz waterfall 

Champéry Switzerland 

the sauflaz waterfall

The Sauflaz waterfall – Champéry Switzerland

 My first long-pose photos

Why not looking for a little bit of freshness? By reaching the Sauflaz waterfall in Champéry in Valais, we get a great breath of fresh air especially when we arrive from plains where the heat is overwhelming. Even if I love hot weather I would not refuse being in a cool place for few hours.

Places where there are waterfalls are always very popular by people who are looking for fresh air. For my part, except of this cool place, this walk has been an opportunity to take long-pose-photographs for the first time. I had taken my camera, tripod and thus ND filters. It is true that this kind of photography is splendid to see, and it makes you want to do the same photographs.

The Sauflaz waterfall whose Sauflaz means “blast of air” in patois is a beautiful waterfall that is situated not far from village of Champéry. For reaching it, it needs to cross over the village and turning left on the Barme road after the Grand-Paradis road. Find a car park and then you will need to walk on sur Luy pathway. While a bridge cross over the Sauflaz river, continue by entering in the forest to reach waterfall. It takes around 20 minutes.

Arriving at the waterfall, there are two little benches from which we can see waterfall and for long-pose-amateur, it need to be closely and so going down the natural rocks stairs that we can barely devine in the middle of rocks. And then it is time to turn your camera on.

This is a lovely place where staying all the day in order to have fresh air is a nice place, and for people who have their photographic material, the Sauflaz waterfall is a good subject. Others waterfalls are more upstream for those who would be interested in.

Discover my work below:


the sauflaz waterfall
the sauflaz waterfall



© 2018 – Wairua Kaieke


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