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The Green Heart

The Green Heart is the category that deals with the ecological aspect.

It’s central to all people’s concerns.

Topics about ecology for travel.

Topics for everyday life.

However, it is at the heart of people’s concerns.

At the moment, it is important to talk about that subject.

Natural disasters on Earth.

It is high time that everything changes and that the world is positive.

For a positive future.

An important blog section for the future of the Earth.

However, people are becoming aware of their impact.

Raise awareness of ecological aspects

She offers us so much everyday.

We must return the favour.

Furthermore, traveling with an ecological conscience is important.

For the future of planet earth.

Be on the road with me and discover my travel experiences.

With interviews, reports, photos and videos.

Furthermore, interviews and reports are also present in this section.

The idea is to present, from another angle, the main players in the protection of the environment.

The Green Heart is a page where we will experience together the reality. Let’s be well informed by people who works in the field of environment.

Parrotfishes can save coral reefs

Parrotfishes can save coral reefs  Scientific classification Common name -> Parrotfish Phylum -> Chordata Family -> Sclaridae Parrotfish are found in subtropical regions around the world in coral reef regions. There exists 60 species of parrotfish and the...

Coral reefs and their issues

Coral Reefs and their issuesSummaryCoral Biodiversity of coral reefs Importance of coral reefs for humansMains threats to coral reefs Coral bleachingProtection of coral reefsScientific...

Jardin Majorelle Marrakesh – Morocco

Le Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh My visit and experience  When I arrive at le Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh, I found it was peaceful and especially beautiful. I visited many gardens as beautiful as each other, but this one was particularly so different. It had like a...

Mike Horn – Vouloir toucher les étoiles – Book review

Mike Horn Vouloir toucher les étoiles  Vouloir toucher les étoiles - Book review The title resumes very well the entire book, which represents the man who has written it. This is a wonderful book in which we are between two parallel stories that are taking us in two...

Ang Thong Marine National Park – Thailand

 Ang Thong Marine National Park During my trip to Thailand I visited this wonderful Ang Thong Marine National Park. I really loved this protected archipelago of 42 islands, which is...

Nature around Uluru – Australia

Nature around UluruDiscover through this post, the nature around Uluru composed by a typical and impressive desert's fauna and flora.UluruUluru which is the official and aboriginal...

Nature in Singapore – Singapore

Nature in Singapore Nature in Singapore through Gardens by the Bay and Botanic Gardens have been a real heart stroke when I discovered for the first time those both places. For Garden...

Power of Now Oasis Yoga studio Sanur Bali

Power of Now Oasis Yoga Studio My experience This place, I discovered it while my first travel in Bali, in 2012. I was in the Mercure Hotel that still exists. Nevertheless, I have never been in this bamboo house named Power of Now Oasis Yoga Studio where we can...

5 months between Australia and South East Asia as my first solo travel trip

    5 months between Australia and South East Asia as my first solo travel trip Travelling alone has changed everything such as my vision of life essentially. Going out of my...

Le jardin secret – Marrakesh – Morocco

    Le Jardin secret  My visit and experience It was a cultural day I have decided to have, after shopping in souks I needed to discover Marrakech and its numerous monuments.  After doing back and forth in those little streets of Medina because it was not...

Nature of Koh Tao – Thailand

Nature of Koh Tao Discover through this post the nature of the island of Tao in Thailand with its flora and fauna. Nature of Koh Tao - Flora  Besides to be a touristic island where...

Bahia Palace Marrakesh – Morocco

The Bahia Palace My visit and experience It was the first time I visited The Bahia Palace while my journey in Marrakech. I was amazed by the beauty of this Palace. As a photographer I...

Medersa Ben Youssef Marrakesh – Morocco

Medersa Ben Youssef My experience Medersa Ben Youssef has been a beautiful place in Marrakech for which I had a lot of pleasure to visit while my stay in the red city. The smallness of...

The Whitsundays Islands – Australia

The Whitsundays Islands The Whitsundays are a group of 74 islands situated on the coast of the Queensland in Australia and are part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. There...

Wat Pho Temple – Bangkok Thailand

Wat Pho Temple My experience I have been several times at Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok while my stays in this city and it still has been a lovely moment there. I would say this temple has...
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