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blogueuse voyages suisse

“We have a lot of dreams we want to realise but we do not know how we are going to do it. The only thing we have to keep in our mind is our dreams can be true if we strongly trust in them with putting the most beautiful energy – Positive energy”


Who Am I and why my blog? 

My name is Géraldine and I am a swiss travel blogger, photographer, and professional diver. At that moment I am travelling alone.

Passionate of travels, and underwater life, I decided to create this blog to share with you what I love the most: The Planet Earth.

On my blog, I mostly talk about the environment, nature, animals through scientific vulgarised articles illustrated by my photographs. My goal is to sensitive people to the beauty of the Earth.

What is important to me is sharing my vision of this world through my travel experiences as a photographer, and a diver.

Travels are not only a passion, or a desire, this is a real need. Yes, I need to travel, to discover other countries, other landscapes, and other cultures and to mix with other cultures and people.

For me, traveling is a way of discovering another world, which is our inner world. Indeed, travels are a good way to discover ourselves, discover other parts of our personality that we ignored so far. Travels allow us to see life in another perspective, and also to receive answers to our questions about ourselves, about our life and life in general

So allow yourself to see the world as I see it, let yourself be guided in another vision of life to put a light in yours. The trips give sacred lessons of life!


Wairua Kaieke? 

This means Spirit Traveller in the Maori language.


Where I am on social media? 

Instagram: @travelsofgeraldine and @inmytravelbackpack

Facebook: Wairua Kaieke – Travel blog, Blog de voyages and In my travel backpack

My video of presentation

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