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Swiss travel blogger Géraldine and her travel blog Wairua Kaieke is not a common blog like the others.

Swiss travel blogger Géraldine show you through her photographs the beauty of the world.

This is a blog about nature that talks about environment, preservation and wildlife.

Articles are based on places where swiss travel blogger Géraldine has visited.

She wants people be aware about world’s sensibility by explaining who are animals, how they are living and what is their role in ecosystems.

This is a travel blog allowing us becoming aware of nature, environment and animals in order to protect Planet Earth and avoid important disasters.

Wairua Kaieke the blog

swiss travel blogger

“We have a lot of dreams we want to realise but we do not know how we are going to do it. The only thing we have to keep in our mind is our dreams can be true if we strongly trust in them with putting the most beautiful energy – Positive energy”


Swiss travel blogger

Wairua Kaieke? 

This means Spirit Traveller in Maori language.

Who Am I? 

My name is Géraldine from Switzerland and I am traveling alone.

I would say that travels have came to me normally, as a little girl I already was traveling with my parents and I would never thought that one day I was going to say that traveling is became a need.

Travels are more than only a passion, a desire, it is a real need. Yes, I need to travel, to discover others countries, others landscapes, cultures and people.

Traveling alone has been a true revelation, and I am traveling alone for a long time now and as my only travel buddies are a backpack and a camera. I am not consider myself as an adventurer as they are Mike Horn and Sarah Marquis or many more other people. I am only, Géraldine. For me, traveling is a way to discover another world, which is our inside one, and not only the outside one. Indeed, travels are a good way to know ourself better, discover new sides of our personality we ignored before or so far, learning seeing life in a different perspective, and also having right answers to our questions about ourselves, our life, and about Life as well. They are such good life lessons!

My blog

My blog is about environment, nature, and wildlife. There is also a part of reflexion of life and spirituality.

Planet Earth is such a beautiful planet that deserves to be recognized it true value and be especially protected. By traveling and noticing what humans are destroying steps by steps, I decided to sensibilize people to the beauty of the Earth through my travel experiences with vulgarized scientific articles and photographs.

What is important to me is sharing with you my vision of the world through my experiences as traveller, photographer, and diver. Allow yourself to see the world  as I see it, agree to let yourself be guided in another vision of life in order to live it lighter.

Where I am on social medias? 

Instagram: @travelsofgeraldine

Facebook: Wairua Kaieke – Travel blog, Blog de voyages


Géraldine aka Wairua Kaieke

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