pearl diving koh tao

Pearl Diving Ko Tao

Pearl Diving Ko Tao situated on the island of Ko Tao in Thailand is a diving school.

The diving centre

The Pearl Diving is located at Mae Haad Harbor near to the ferry wharf.

This is a small structure that is found in this dive center which is very pleasant especially for people who do not want to learn in a large diving club with large groups.

By choosing the Pearl Diving, you will dive with a small group of 4 to 6 people with your instructor.

No idea what diving could make you feel like and not want to pass the Open Water Certificate? So start with a dive baptism and you will have the opportunity to do it from a beach and not in a pool as I was able to do.

As much to say that if you start in a pool with a view of the tiles is different than in the sea with plenty of fishes around you.

Open Water diver, Advanced diver, Rescue diver to the first professional level that is the Divemaster and Fun Dives, these are the courses they offer.

Diving from the beach

What makes their strength is the opportunity to dive from the beach of a partner hotel with which they work.

The beach being well fitted, you will find all the necessary equipment on site to start your diving lessons with Pearl Diving. In addition, you will most certainly be offered to take your classes at the beach, outside instead of following them in a room.

You will surely have fun starting your dive in the middle of the fish!

Their diving equipment

Pearl Diving has a very good quality material for the combinations as well as for the stabilizers as well as for the fins. It is certain that you will dive with very good material, having tested it myself during my dives with them.

My opinion of Pearl Diving

I liked the professionalism of the dive instructors, listening and feeling comfortable and safe when I dive what I think is very important.

In addition, I found a friendly atmosphere composed by a friendly team, dynamic and above all motivated to make us love the world of diving. Very well received the first time, I decided to go back diving with them.

What I liked about Pearl Diving is the small structure they offer because having been in a larger diving center on the same island for my first two certifications, so I could compare and I must say I have a preference for small dive centers. There is a more familial and jovial spirit.

I dived twice with Pearl Diving, once in September 2018 and the second time in May 2019.

This is without hesitation that I will come back to Pearl Diving and that I recommend them.

Diving list price of Pearl Diving

Price list

Refresher: 1 Dive for 2,500 Baht ; 2 Dives for 3,500 Baht

Fun Dive: 1-5 Dives for 1,000 Baht / dive ; 6-9 Dives for 900 Baht / dive ; 10 + Dives for 800 Baht / dive

Basic Diver: 1 Dive for 2,500 Baht ; 2 Dives for 3,500 Baht

Open Water Diver: 11,000 Baht (4 dives)

Advanced Adventurer: 10,000 Baht (5 dives)

React Right: 3,500 Baht (0 dive)

Stress and Rescue: 10,000 Baht(3 dives)

Adventure dive: 2,000 Baht (1 dive)

Travel info

Travel info

Visited in September 2018 et May 2019

Where: Koh Tao

Country: Thailand

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More information?

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Visit their website

>>>>> Pearl Diving Koh Tao – Official website <<<<<

Their Facebook page

>>>>> Pearl Diving – Facebook Page <<<<<

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>>>>> Pearl Diving – Instagram <<<<<

TripAdvisor reviews

Go to TripAdvisor to read reviews of Pearl Diving’s clients

>>>>> TripAdvisor – Reviews Pearl Diving <<<<<

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