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on the road of the ancient thai capitals
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PBP Hostel Kyoto

Why did I choose PBP Hostel?

I was looking for a Hostel in Kyoto when I was in Tokyo. I have seen many of them but I haven’t immediately noticed this hostel but when I saw it, I was amazed by the design and this is the main reason why I chose that place, and essentially also for its location. Indeed, PBP Hostel Kyoto is well situated because you don’t need to walk a lot to reach the subway station or the bus stations. There are even bus stops near to the hostel. I can say that PBP Hostel stands out from the crowd because I stayed at many and different hostels, and this hostel has everything we need. Design, cleanness, and facilities they provide are the keys to that hostel.

I highly recommend that place in Kyoto where you will feel at home.

PBP Hostel Kyoto

Situated in the Shimagyo-ku neighborhood and near to a huge crossroads with plenty of bus connections including the Omiya subway station (6 minutes by walk), this hostel is well situated in the city of Kyoto. Thanks to the subway station, it is possible to reach easily and quickly the main parts of Kyoto such as the Gion neighborhood or also the bamboo grove called Arashiyama. Near to the hostel, they are also two bus stops that connect you to other parts of Kyoto.

This hostel has all the facilities provided such as luggage locks, hair irons, a dryer, a washing machine, hair irons, and many more. There is also a lobby space where you can have coffee and tea all day and where you can eat something on tatamis. They provide a kitchenette as well and a vending machine (snacks and drinks). If you need something, there is a convenience store Family Mart downstairs or supermarket at a crossroads. There is no breakfast.

The dormitory is spacious and is separated into two parts; one is a mix part with bund beds and the other one exclusively reserved for ladies. Real bamboos as decoration are all around the room. They also have other Japanese style rooms only for women and spacious rooms for a family, for example. This is a non-smoking dormitory, and there is air conditioning.

PBP Hostel Kyoto is well decorated and each part of this hostel is clean from dormitory to bathrooms passing through the lobby. The bund beds are spacious where you can leave your belongings and there is also a small locker.

The staff is very helpful, friendly, and smiley and they make you at ease like at home. You are well welcomed by the staff.

In resume:

  • Situated in Shimagyo-Ku neighborhood
  • 6 minutes by walk to Omiya subway station and other bus stops
  • Facilities such as lockers, a washing machine, a dryer, hair irons and many more
  • Family Mart downstairs and supermarket at the crossroad
  • Coffee and tea throughout the day


Rooms at PBP Hostel Kyoto:

  • Bund bed for men and women
  • Japanese-style single rooms for women
  • Japanese-style single room
  • Superior single room
  • Japanese-style twin room for women
  • Japanese-style quadruple room


Place of interest nearby:

  • Nijo Castle
  • Nishi Hongan-Ji temple
  • Gion neignourhood
  • Arashiyama bamboo grove


The JR nearest station:

– Tambaguchi station -> Sagano line: 15 minutes by walk from the Hostel

Travel info

Travel info

I stayed there in : September 2019

Where: Kyoto

Country: Japan

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