orion healing center
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Orion healing center

My yoga retreat in Thailand  

Thanks to my stay in Bali in 2017 where I tried yoga at Power of Now Oasis on southern of the Sanur beach, since one year I practice this discipline.

When I came back from Bali, I started yoga course in Switzerland. I found a Vinyasa yoga course that is a kind of yoga I liked to practice in Bali and I could continue to practice when I came back.

In Thailand, I decided to try a yoga-detox center on Ko Phangan island while my last travel, in September 2018. This is Orion healing center where I chose to do my yoga retreat. This center is situated on the west coast of this island, this is exactly where a huge community of people who need a healthier life and also yogi is found.

This center is on seaside that gives a peaceful place and I would say that is very enjoyable to have a sea view all the day even during yoga classes. By the way, this is for this reason that I chose this center. Indeed, there are many others centers on the island but I chose this one after reading an article on a yoga french magazine where they talked about this center in Thailand. I always follow life signs that life gives me on my path, and when I read this article I suddenly understood that this center was the right one for me, and I do not regret it.

orion healing center

L’Orion healing center offers different options for a yoga retreat that can start from 4 days to 2 weeks. This is also possible to follow a detox program. Concerning yoga retreat, many things are included, which are the following ones:

  • Accommodation in a room according to the budget
  • 2 yoga class per day
  • 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • 1 herbal tea
  • 1 coconut juice
  • 1 fruit juice
  • Pranayama and Yoga Indra free class
  • Sauna
  • 1 thai massage et 1 reiki treatment

Orion healing center is certainly a relaxing place where is possible to be more in harmony with ourselves. People who stay in this center are looking for serenity, which is the keyword of this center when we enter. This is why, people who are looking for tranquility, revitalization, calming, and recentring, this is the perfect place that gathers all those qualities.

When we need to be with ourselves, a yoga retreat makes sens. What consist in a yoga retreat at Orion healing center in Ko Phangan?

This is simple, this consists in a week-yoga planning with courses offered either in the morning or in the evening. This is possible to do a course in the morning and then another one in the evening. In the afternoon, there a meditation course offered. Concerning yoga, there exist different kind of yoga for which people are going to have choice between flow yoga, yin yoga, and hatha yoga. Personally, I opted for yin yoga that I wanted to discover. With my two yoga teachers, I discovered two different yin yoga, one more physical than the other, which was more relaxing.

Concerning my practice, I was focus on yin yoga that have an effect on meridian lines that are energetic lines of our body. Furthermore, this yoga consists involve to keep the posture for few minutes before releasing tension from muscles and to do another position. This is another yoga that I really appreciate as much as Vinyasa yoga.

During my yoga retreat, 3 meals are offered and that can be taken all the day. I could tested several vegan meals that all are very tasty and good. Though this retreat, I discovered vegan food that I knew a little bit.

Depending on your budget, you an find different rooms at different prices. You must have a look at their website to see differences. I had a bamboo room with a hammock in front of the room, on the balcony. A perfect room for one or two persons with a lovely bathroom behind the room, which that one is surrounded of banana plant. A relaxing surroundings in the aim to be in complete harmony with ourselves.

My lovely discoveries while my yoga retreat

With splendid surroundings in seaside and magnificent sunsets, when I had my yoga-evening class it was such a true happiness, a true serenity moment and plenitude.

Tranquility of this centre is also an essential point. Indeed, it is far from the main road. However, the centre is cut by a road that bring you in other hotels, and at daytime there is a little bit of traffic.

Vegan food at Orion healing center is delicious. I discovered this kind of food while my 4-days-yoga retreat. I am not vegan, I am vegetarian, and what I loved was the mix between spices, and dishes were tasty with colorful and originality.

Yoga teachers I had were very professional, which have given to me lot of pleasure in my yoga practice especially for yin yoga. My aim was discovering another yoga in order to plan to do something else when I would come back.


I arrived in Thailand with a bacteria caught in the food plane and stayed in me for one week and a half. At Orion healing center, I had the opportunity to have a Reiki treatment offered in the yoga retreat program. Even if you are doing a 4-days yoga retreat or 15 days, Reiki treatments are offered while the program.

I received Reiki in 2017, and to be treated by a healer has been a first particular experience and it was quite strange especially when we received Reiki. Indeed, the effect is multiplied by 10.

We think that because we received Reiki that we can treat ourselves, which is right, but finally, the help of other person is always welcomed.

Would you like to know more about Reiki? I am going to write down a post about it.

Thai massage

While my yoga retreat at Orion healing center, we have the right to have a thai massage. I love this massage so much and I know that this is not the case for everybody because it is reputed to be painful. According to thai people, more is painful and more we are relaxed, which is true. We all have the conception about a massage that must be relaxing, and this is evident with thai massage is not the case. However, the effect become apparent while the massage is over.

Like Reiki, I learnt Thai massage in Bangkok at Wat Pho that is the school in which this massage is born. What we learnt at Wat Pho is the authentic thai massage. So, after learning it there, I have another sight about it knowing how it works, and I see when a masseur has not learnt at Wat Pho, which is an expensive school that not every thai people can pay.

My message 

Whenever reasons we have, doing a yoga retreat or a detox program when life is giving us the opportunity of doing this kind of recanting, this is not by chance. This is always come to an accurate moment in our life, like it was the case for me. I listen a lot my intuition that told me to do this yoga retreat, and I did not hesitate and I did not regret it. Do the same, follow your intuition because she will always know where you must go and what you must do.

Life always give us good or bad surprises, but what is important is to trust in her because even in bad moments, she will guide us to bring us where we must go to do what we must do.

orion healing center
Travel info

Travel info

Travelled in: September 2018

Where: Ko Phangan

Country: Thailand 

More information?

Do you need more information? 

Visit their website

>>>>> Orion healing center – Official website <<<<<


How to get there?

How to get to Orion Healing Centre? 

From the Koh Phangan Pier, you can take a taxi for around 200 baht.

They don’t provide taxi service from the Orion Healing Centre.

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Do you want to read in French?

>>>>> Ma retraite de yoga à l’Orion healing center – Version française <<<<<


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