My Travel Eco Backpack

My Travel Eco Backpack will inspire you for your next vacation.

It’s a page that invites you to travel!

Indeed, inspiration is a page dedicated to travel and places I visited.

You will find articles from the places I visited and liked.

Sustainable Hotels, restaurants, cafes and youth hostels.

Museums, unusual and / or original places are here to inspire you.

Here is the choice to plan your next trip or vacation.

However, travel, spirituality, dreams are the main themes of this section.

Furthermore, be inspired for a future journey in the theme of ecology.

Follow this page to find accommodation’s ideas.

And also vegetarian and vegan restaurant ideas.

Find out what I discover while I am traveling.

Wairua Kaieke – My Travel Eco Backpack 

PBP Hostel Kyoto

PBP Hostel Kyoto Why did I choose PBP Hostel? I was looking for a Hostel in Kyoto when I was in Tokyo. I have seen many of them but I haven't immediately noticed this hostel but when I...

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Pearl Diving in Koh Tao

  Pearl Diving Koh Tao Pearl Diving Koh Tao situated on the island of Koh Tao in Thailand is a diving school. The diving centre The Pearl Diving is located at Mae Haad Harbor near to the ferry wharf. This is a small structure that is found in this dive center...

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Mike Horn – Vouloir toucher les étoiles – Book review

Mike Horn Vouloir toucher les étoiles  Vouloir toucher les étoiles - Book review The title resumes very well the entire book, which represents the man who has written it. This is a wonderful book in which we are between two parallel stories that are taking us in two...

5 months between Australia and South East Asia as my first solo travel trip

    5 months between Australia and South East Asia as my first solo travel trip Travelling alone has changed everything such as my vision of life essentially. Going out of my...

Photographer & Travel Blogger, Géraldine – Video

    Hi everyone! For the first time, I decided to be filmed to introduce myself and my work as photographer and travel blogger. I hope you will enjoy to discover my universe and the reason why I created this travel blog. Feel free to discover my universe in...

When the call of your soul catches up to you

When the call of your soul catches up to you - Discovery of my life's mission One day I have my head underwater, and the other day my head is into the stars, this is how I am. Between...

At the time of lockdown, in Thailand

Discover how the lockdown has been lived in Thailand, on the little island of Koh Tao, where I was Who would have thought that one day the whole world would be confined, from Asia to...

Dive with me into my world

Dive with me into my world  Diving   BCD, ok ! Weight, ok ! Releases, ok ! Air, ok ! Final check ! Come and dive with me !! I put my mask and my regulator in my mouth, then I put my...

My Divemaster certificate

My Divemaster certificate Going to Thailand during the coronavirus' s pandemic While I was on the beach, I was looking at the boats arriving one after the others to unload everyone who...
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