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Lubex Anti-âge®

Lubex Anti-âge®

100% of Swiss products

Lubex Anti-Âge products are produced by Permamed Laboratories with over 40 years of expertise. The effectiveness of the products are clinically tested and are scientifically proven. They act from the surface of the skin to the deep layers of it.

Permamed supports the Swiss Cancer League and, as a result, pays a Swiss franc to it by packaging anti-aging Lubex® sold.

Lubex anti-âge® are:

  • without preservatives
  • without allergenic fragrances
  • without dyes or paraffin oil
  • without animal experimentation

They have been developed by dermatologists, dedicated to sensitive skin and clinically tested.

In this article, I will introduce you to 2 products that I personally chose.  Among the two products, here is Lubex Anti-Age® Intelligence.

Lubex Anti-Age® Intelligence

This product has the distinction of being made from natural ingredients, which are the 6 bio stimulators:

  • Pistachio extract
  • Astragalus root extract
  • Ginger extract

Astragalus root extract and pistachio mattifies the skin immediately and make it smoother while fragments of hyaluronic acid and ginger extract corrects and reduces wrinkles.

There are also the 6 bio stimulators :

  • Tripeptide
  • Plant stem cells
  • Fragments of hyaluronic acid

Tripeptides and plant stem cells make the skin appear finner.

on the road of the ancient thai capitals

Presentation of the 6 bio stimulators and their properties:

  1. Pistachio extract:

It immediately matifies the skin and tightens the pores.

  1. Extract of the astragals root:

It reduces the impurities of the skin and strengthens it.

  1. Ginger extract:

It activates the production of endogenous hyaluronic acid and reduces fine lines.

  1. The tripeptides:

They accelerate the elimination of cells on the surface of the skin and make the skin smoother, thinner and more radiant.

  1. Plant stem cells:

They activate cell renewal: the epidermis thickens, rejuvenates and becomes cooler.

  1. Hyaluronic acid fragments:

They penetrate the skin deeply, plump it up from the inside, moisturize it permanently and make it suppler.


Application of the cream

This cream is to be applied to the skin before treatment with the usual day cream and / or night cream.

Other products in the Lubex anti-âge® range

In addition to the Lubex Anti-Âge® Intelligence cream, I wanted to share another product from the range I bought.

Other products of the Lubex Anti-Âge Swiss brand  

In addition to the Lubex Anti-Age® Intelligence cream, I wanted to share another product from the range I bought.

  • Lubex anti-âge® intensive eye

I bought this product because I immediately felt the hydration effect, which I liked very much.

 This product contains:

  • Ash and seaweed extract
  • Bio chromic, peptides and dipeptide complexes
  • Fragments of hyaluronic acid

 It tightens the eyelids, smoothes fine lines around the eyes and fights under-eye puffiness and dark circles.

 Application of the cream: morning and evening around the eyes.

My opinion on the products

These are two products that I used and that I really appreciated.

The Lubex Anti-Age® Intelligence is a cream that comes first, it will deeply moisturize. Then, after the application of the cream, it is necessary to apply the day cream which, it will moisturize in the surface. The combination of the two creams is complementary which allows having well hydrated skin.

The Lubex Anti-Aging ® Eye, meanwhile, it will moisturize around the eyes. Having put one day, while I had very dehydrated skin, I felt the moisturizing effect immediately. It also reduces dark circles and puffiness. A good moisturizer for the eyes.

Both products have a pleasant smell and texture.

Tested and approved!


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