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Ko Tao and Ko Phangan
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Experience in Ko Tao and Ko Phangan

Ko Tao and Ko Phangan are part of islands in the Gulf of Thailand with Ko Samui. These three islands are very famous to tourists who are coming for specific reasons such as scuba diving or yoga retreat. Ko Tao is very popular for its scuba diving spots and Ko Phangan for its yoga retreat centres.

Discover through this little article my experience in these two Thai islands.

Ko tao and Ko Phangan

Ko Tao

I have been twice in Ko Tao and once in Ko Phangan. I loved both islands that are completely different in term of the crowd. Indeed, on Ko Tao, they are thousands of tourists who are mainly coming for learning scuba diving because this is a cheap place where to do it. The only negative thing I would say is there is because of the crowd, there is like an underwater traffic jam such it is full of divers. Personally, I didn’t like it because I had the impression to not have much space.

Otherwise, Ko Tao is a lovely little island that can be visited very quickly and throughout the year. If you want to dive with specific species such as whale sharks or turtles you must look for information about it in order to not miss them out. Ko Tao hosts whale sharks that are coming from Pacific areas in different moments during the year. I haven’t the chance to dive with one of them so far but I hope to have an opportunity wherever I will be. You won’t have any problems of finding a diving centre on Ko Tao such there are thousands of them spread on the island. It could be difficult to find the appropriate one. In 2013, my diving centre was Ban’s resort that I had found in the corner of a street in Bangkok. It was their office in Bangkok. It was well organized with a night bus and then a ferry from Chumphon to Ko Tao. My scuba diving experience starting that way but for travellers who are coming to Ko Tao, they could be a little bit lost with all those scuba diving centres.

I learnt scuba diving in Ko Tao in 2013 during my first time in Southeast Asia and I loved it. It was a nice surprise that life gave me on my path because I was not sure if I would like this discipline and if I would be at my ease, but it was a nice experience that I renewed in 2016 with my next step: Advanced Open Water. Now I have the project to be a professional diver instructor, but I take my time. In 2013, I have never thought about wanting to become a professional diver with the aim of showing to people the underwater’s beauty and for all the reasons why we should protect species and oceans around the world. Working for a better Planet is one of my goals through my photographs, articles, and videos. Thanks to my blog and my passion for photography and diving I now know what I would love to do on this planet, which is raising awareness among people. More we are doing this job more people will do something for Planet Earth because it is time to work together for this beautiful planet that gives us so many days after days.

When I started diving in Ko Tao, I discovered another world, in which human beings have not their place. They must be respectful with this quite different world. When I put my head underwater for the first time, I was filled with emotions such it was magical and so peaceful. Through my different dives, I discovered different species of fishes and saw a few rays as well.  I would love to have the opportunity to meet a whale shark and sea turtles during one of my next dives once.  My two diving courses were absolutely a great experience. I had a fantastic instructor, who remove from my apprehension of breathing underwater but when I did it for the first in the pool it was comforting. This is a strange phenomenon because you almost want to keep your breath but you mustn’t, and instead of you must keep breathing normally.

When you start diving you are part of a big community of underwater lovers. Diving is another world like its predilection places, which our oceans and seas.

On Ko Tao Island there are thousands of restaurants and hotels. You won’t have any problem to find accommodation.

Ko tao and Ko Phangan

Ko Phangan

This island is the place for a yoga retreat thanks to lots of yoga centres spreading on the western side of the island. With sunset and beautiful landscapes, Ko Phangan is the right place for taking photograph and practising Yoga for one week or more. This island is also well known for its Full Moon party holds on the eastern side with a big party on the beach each month. Lots of travellers are coming to Ko Phangan for this main event. At that time, accommodation is growing up very quickly. The best thing to do is having accommodation on Ko Samui or Ko Tao and then coming by ferry.

Ko Phangan is also a beautiful island with plenty of flora that is possible to discover it by scooter or by bike.

When I was on Ko Phangan, I stayed in Tong Sala where I found a hostel in the centre. It was not far from a food market, and bars and restaurants. At that time it was the Full Moon with a party on the beach but I left days before this event. I discovered a little part of this island by bike, which was very nice. This is a nice way to explore an island, without renting a scooter. From Ko Phangan, I visited the Maritime Park National of Ang Thong, which is reached by boat. As a nature lover, I loved so much visiting this national park with stunning views over the sea all around. There is the famous Emerald Lake, an appropriate name such the colour is totally emerald. This is so beautiful even if rocks are very slippery on the path to reach the different lookouts. Be careful! I recommend you to visit this national park during your trip to Thailand.

Ko Tao and Ko Phangan have two different spirits. Indeed, on one is tend to spirituality mixed with a dose of fun thanks to the Full Moon party and on the other one this is more about fun and underwater exploration but parties are very

Both islands must be on your bucket list of Thailand.

Travel info

Travel Info 

I travelled in  May 2013 (Koh Tao only) February 2016, September 2018 

Where: Koh Tao and Koh Phangan 

Country: Thailand 

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