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How traveling alone 

Inspiration and travels 

Wat Pho Temple – Bangkok Thailand

The Wat Pho Temple  Bangkok - Thailand Wat Pho Temple My experience I have been several times at Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok while my stays in this city and it still has been a lovely moment there. I would say this temple has a particular energy with an intense peace;...

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Cocooning Shop – Lausanne – Switzerland

Cocooning shop  Lausanne – Switzerland Cocooning shop Lausanne An eco shop in Lausanne Switzerland This is by walking in the heart of Lausanne city that we discover this lovely 100% Swiss shop, whose soaps are produced in the region of Bavois situated a few kilometers...

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Herbalist shop Le lion d’Afrique – Marrakesh

Herbalist shop Le lion d’Afrique  Marrakesh - Morocco The Herbalist shop Lion d'Afrique  My experience  I was in direction of another souks when I discovered a little street with many different lamps’ shops. When I wanted to come back from where I came, I turned...

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Jardin Majorelle Marrakesh – Morocco

Jardin Majorelle Marrakesh - Morocco Jardin Majorelle Marrakesh My experience  When I arrive in the Jardin Majorelle, I found it was peaceful and especially beautiful. I visited many gardens as beautiful as each others, but this one was particularly so different. It...

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