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the grand palace bangkok
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The Grand Palace

My experience

I have been twice at the Grand Palace in Bangkok and for each time it was a lovely moment I spent for few hours out there to take time to become filled with the ambiance and atmosphere. My visit was during a cloudy day and it has been pouring for few minutes with a black sky that suddenly appears but it was magnificent with all colours and a dark background. I loved this place so much as a big fan of colours. This place is so inspiring for photographers. I was completly amazed by its architecture even if it has been rebuilt, which was necessary to understand well how was, at that time, the real architecture of the Grand Palace and show to us its beauty, and its greatness.

The grand palace Bangkok

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is situated in Bangkok, the Capital of Thailand. This monument is impressive for not only its size but also for its prestige. Indeed, The Grand Palace is home of the King Rama Xand also there are number of government offices as well as Temple of Emerald Buddha.

At The Grand Palace there are thousands of things to discover such as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha known as Wat Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram in Thai or Wat Phra Kaew, there is also Phra Ubosot or the Chapel of the Emerald Buddha. Demons Guardians are seen all around the Grand Palace in number of six standing at the gate of the gallery and most of them must be seen to the chapel of the Emerald Buddha, which is a specific signification: They are guarding the Emerald Buddha from all evil spirits.

What does it mean the Emerald Buddha?

This is the image of the Buddha, which was carved from a block of jasper. It has three different costumes throughout the year, one for summer, one for rainy season, and the last one for winter. There are three ceremonies of changing the costume of the Emerald Buddha per year, still at the beginning of new season by the King.

Did you know there exist an Angor Wat? You know the Cambodian temples near to Siem Reap. At the Grand Palace, there is a replica of the real Angor Wat, which has been built by King Rama IV for his subjects in order to see what the Khmer Temple (or ruins) looked like.

During your visit, you will probably see a gallery in which there are mural paintings that depict the story of the Ramakien. Those paintings tell the story of a battle between Tosakanth, the King of demons against the King Rama who is a human for the heart of Queen of King Rama who has been kidnaped by Tosakanth. Those paintings are marvelous and can be seen on “The Gallery and Ramakien Story”.

I listed several monuments that can be visited at the Grand Palace but this is an evidence that they are many others things to see around there. You can plan a visit for half a day.

The Grand Palace is a magnificient place to visit in Bangkok. It parts of monuments that are the most visited of the city but this is an unavoidable place of Bangkok especially for a first visit.

The Grand Palace
le grand palais bangkok
The Grand Palace

More information? 

>>>>> The Grand Palace Bangkok – Official Website <<<<<

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>>>> Le Grand Palais Bangkok Thaïlande <<<<<

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Visited in: April 2013 

Where : Bangkok

Country: Thailand



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The Grand Palace – Bangkok Thailand

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