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Explore Planet Earth

Explore Planet Earth 

In the section: explore planet earth, you are going to read vulgarized scientific articles of places I visited. I would like to show up another way of seeing a place by discovering fauna and flora that we find.

Each place in the world is full of wonderful fauna and flora that have a full place among humans.

By traveling, we are going to discover different climates with a specific fauna and flora for each of them.

Understand how fauna and flora is working, this is the aim of this section: explore planet earth by writing targeted articles. The aim is explaining why we find this or that fauna and flora in a specific place in the world. By understanding biologically how ecosystems are working, people will explore places they will visit with another vision and maybe with more a ecological awareness.

Explore planet earth is a section that requires to have a little reflexion in order to make links between different ecosystems, plants and animals.

The Whitsundays Islands – Australia

The Whitsundays Islands  Queensland - Australia  The Whitsundays Islands The Whitsundays are a group of 74 islands situated on the coast of the Queensland in Australia and are part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. There are 6 national parks among which...

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Ko Tao Nature – Thailand

  Ko Tao Nature Thailand   Nature of Ko Tao Discover through this post: Nature of Ko Tao with its flora and fauna. Flora in Ko Tao Besides to be a touristic island where many activities are proposed, Ko Tao has a huge variety of forests where many animals live in....

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Nature in Singapore – Singapore

  Nature in Singapore Gardens by the Bay & The Botanic Gardens      Nature in Singapore Nature in Singapore through Gardens by the Bay and Botanic Gardens have been a real heart stroke when I discovered for the first time those both places. For Garden by the Bay I had...

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Nature around Uluru – Australia

Nature around Uluru  Australia Nature around Uluru Discover through this post Uluru and its nature composed by a typical and impressive desert's fauna and flora. Uluru Uluru which is the official and aboriginal name, also known, as Ayers Rock is a majestic rock stood...

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Ang Thong Marine National Park – Thailand

  Ang Thong Marine National Park Thailand   Ang Thong Marine National Park During my trip to Thailand I visited this wonderful Ang Thong Marine National Park. I really loved this protected archipelago of 42 islands, which is situated in the Gulf of Thailand in...

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