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Experience Marrakesh

Ohhh !! Marrakech and its 7 wonders I would qualify as riads, mosquees, soucks, red rocks houses, camels, calèches with their horses, and the Atlas Mountains on the background. When you are flying over Marrakech, the first thing you notice is a big heap of red houses. Welcome to the red city !

Marrakech is called the red city for its red rocks houses which are isolating against the heat in summer time. It can be hot outside but cooler inside which is very appreciated by locals because living in an arid area is punishing even if they support better hot weather than tourists. Moreover, this is a dry heat, which is different than a humid heat founding seaside. By seeing the Atlas mountains it would be enough to have cold such those mountains are spread out and high that we have the impression of all snow situated on the top would be enough to cool off. The Atlas is a good contrast with the heat prevailing in plains.

Marrakech is a rich city for its architecture, and history ; you can feel it in its atmosphere. You will be probably amazed by the Mosquee la Koutoubia, and red rocks houses that are an emblem of Marrakech. Situated in the Sahara Desert and as we already know this is a place on Earth where the warm is very important. It could be very hot in the daytime but also very cool at night with low temperatures.

Enjoying a good location at the bottom of the Atlas, Marrakech has as a source of water this mountain chain bringing all water required to its inhabitants, which is not unpleasant. The main advantage of Marrakech is its fantastic Palmeraie in which there are many palms trees endless. This Palmeraie is a proof of the abundance of vegetation in the desert. However, this area become more and more valued for hotels, which is damage a part of this wonderful area by destroying hectares of vegetation such is important in ecosystem.

Marrakech is divided into numerous suburbs but which is the most popular is called in arab medina which means old city. Why there is such a huge popularity for this old city ? Because it is where everything happens and where there are such wonders to discover. At the time, medina was surrounded by ramparts all around with big doors that are now all the time opened but those doors were closed all the time in order to protect the medina. with its Sultan inside of a tower from where he could have an brig view over surroundings. Thus, he could see enemies who were arriving and from where, like this, he could demand doors closing in order to protect his inhabitants.

When you are in the middle of the old city, the scene is set with narrow streets lit with small beautiful morrocans artisanal lamps in several shops along soucks. This lightning is mixed with laether’s smell and the one of spices that you can smell all around soucks which it gives a particular atmosphere. Both sides of soucks there are jewlery, bags, clothes, decorative objects will give you the envy of discovering your home. The more you are going to walk around soucks the more you are going to be amazed by this special and typical morrocan atmosphere which is well-known all around the world. What is very famous in Morocco are vendors who are known for their good sense of business, but Morroco is no longer Morroco without them. Indeed, at the times, moroccans traveled a lot in the Middle East in order to sell and buy at the best price. This is a kind of tradition, which persists so far. Without this tradition the Moroccan’s charm would not exist anymore. Moreover, herborists’shops where spices, herbs and others health products are sold in a particular atmosphere. With their big hessian bags filled with spices or aromatic herbs we have a large choice to liven up a delicious dish or simply to care of ourself. Their smell sprend all around their location and like this these shops cannot be missed. It was like if you was a magnet attracted by another one. 

experience Marrakesh
experience Marrakesh

As a magnet you may be attracted by another ones represented by palaces El badi and la Bahia. These two palaces have a huge attraction to us because of their beauty and of their greatness. Behind their walls, there exists an important History strongly present that you may feel. Palace El Badi is an edifice that marks time, it is the same thing with Le jardin Secret that was a ancient Riad rebuilt in 2015, for one year, by a big moroccan artisans team and italian architects who have wanted to keep its authenticity. Le jardin secret and Le Jardin Majorelle are two garden where having a walk or/and relaxing all the afternoon can be only the two main activites. Le jardin Majorelle is a wonderful garden with an impressive variety of beautiful plants and flowers. This is not only a garden high in colours and full of fragrances but it is also a lovely place where having a walk and relaxing after a long day around streets in Marrakesh is the perfect place.

Marrakesh is a city high in colours with its red rock houses and its incredible sunsets, full of smell with its spices, food, herbs and leather that are spread all around the city but Marrakesh is especially full of good vibes with friendly moroccans who deserve to be met.

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