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Discover Wildlife 

Discover wildlife

Discover wildlife is a section about worldwide animals, and plants in a vulgarized scientific articles illustrated with photographs.

Discover wildlife, this is what I suggest you in this section through articles of places I visited during my travels. You will find articles with diverse thematics that are linked to each others.

Through this section, discover wildlife, I would like to aware people to the beauty of this planet and its fragility in order to help them to have an awareness both ecologic and touristic during their travels. With more knowledge, I would like to show to people environment around them and see it with another vision to like nature full.

Keep in mind that many ecosystems and their animals need each others to live, to breed. Human being needs those ecosystems for his own survival as well. This is for this reason, human being has to respect his environment to insure his future.

Discover wildlife is going to allow to see ecosystems in another vision and to appreciate their travels differently consciously.

I hope you will like that section about Planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Coral reefs and their issues

Coral reefs and their issues Coral  Coral is the name of invertebrates’ animals from Cnidaria phylum . They are ancient animal related to jellyfishes and anemones. Their hard skeleton is shaped by calcium carbonate, which is produced by polyps that are individual...

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Parrotfishes can save coral reefs

Parrotfishes can save coral reefsParrotfishes can save coral reefs  Scientific classification Common name -> Parrotfish Phylum -> Chordata Family -> Sclaridae Parrotfish are found in subtropical regions around the world in coral reef regions. There exists 60 species...

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