Cocooning shop Lausanne
Cocooning shop in Lausanne

Cocooning shop Lausanne

An eco shop in Lausanne Switzerland

This is by walking in the heart of Lausanne city that we discover this lovely 100% Swiss shop, whose soaps are produced in the region of Bavois situated a few kilometres from Lausanne. Cocooning shop is in the Grand St-Jean street in Lausanne.

From outside we can notice a big shop window that allows us to see inside of the shop. Thanks to the walls colour green, which draw our attention but not only. In fact, we may glimpse shelves on which are stored homemade soaps.

This is with a mix of colours and sweet perfumes that visitors come to Cocooning shop and discover another universe, which is proper to this shop. Furthermore, the customer is going to see each shop’s cool looking for several products that will satisfy him.

With a huge diversity of products, there is a large choice at Cocooning Shop. Indeed, this shop has not only good products but also a beautiful layout that have been well thought and realised.

As regards, their products you will find 100% Swiss homemade soaps, which are among the first products to be sold in the shop. Heidi soap, Alps forest soap or also lavender soap, are among soaps we may buy at Cocooning. Do not forget that if you have dry skin or a sensitive one they propose you different kind of soaps specific to your skin in order to satisfy the greatest number of customers. Men will find their own assortment for washing and making sublime their barb. Whether you have pets you will find especially products designed for them. Travellers have also few products, whose, after sun balm that will be perfect after a sunbath.

More than handmade soaps, Cocooning Shop in Lausanne offers in its assortment a range of salt bath, relaxing pillows, and hand and feet’s care as well. In their products they are natural ingredients from vegetable kingdom. They have their heart set on working with those natural ingredients. Furthermore, for people who are care about animals none of product is tested on animals.

You certainly guessed it, environment is a huge part of their philosophy and it can be feel it thanks to the way of fabrication of theirs products.

This is a shop that represents what it dears to my heart, which is nature. We feel through their products, a team who have their heart set on producing cosmetics for human’s well being. They desire is to pass their idea in front of what nature can bring us. What it inspires me the most is to be aware that nature brings us everything we need for our physical and psychical well-being; we need her and we must be grateful with.

Have a great visit in Cocooning shop in Lausanne.

Travel info

Travel info 

I visited this shop in October 2017 

City: Lausanne 

Country: Switzerland

More information?

 More information? 

Visit their website

>>>>> Cocooning Cosmetics – Official website <<<<<

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>>>>> Boutique Cocooning Lausanne – Suisse <<<<<

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