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Avène and Ocean Respect

My motivations for this article

For my first article on a brand, I chose Avene. Why Avene? Because it is a brand that is close to the values I aspire to and which correspond to me.

As a diver, I am particularly sensitive to the marine environment, which is why I decided to focus on Ocean Respect-branded sun products to raise awareness and educate people about the environment. submarine.

Nowadays and what is certain, sun protection is essential for all sun exposure, especially knowing that it is becoming stronger and therefore more and more dangerous for everyone’s skin with a risk of melanoma of the skin increased skin.

However, what is important from an environmental point of view is that people have to worry about the health of the environment in which they live. By propagating, without its being asked, chemicals and especially in the waters, it is destroying it slowly.

Nobody must be ignorant of this problem that affects the whole world. That’s why people have to learn to emphasize nature in addition to their own health.

It is important for me to share this information in order to inform people about the choice of their solar products.

Holidays soon

Summer holidays are coming to a head in Europe. So who says holidays, said for a large part of people, sea, beach, sun and therefore sunscreen suitable for the whole family, both for adults and children.

However, a question arises when choosing the right sunscreen. Not only must it protect our skin, which is essential to prevent the formation of melanoma, but sunscreen must first and foremost be suitable for the marine environment.

Knowing that people will go swimming several times a day, it is important that sunscreen does not degrade underwater life.

So think about your skin but, also, think about the environment in which you are going to swim!

Avène, an ecologically responsible approach

Ecology is at the heart of concerns, in 2019. More than ever, brands are turning to an eco-friendly approach such as Avène, which, with its solar products, shows its commitment to the ecological cause in collaboration with the Ocean Respect project.

Through these solar products, it is a commitment to two important points, one concerns a public health issue and the other is environmental, in which Avène is launched.

French dermatological lab Avene offer in their assortment of solar products an excellent UVA-UVB protection preserving marine biodiversity. Indeed, with a minimum of solar filters and photostable formulas and ecological that minimize their impact on the marine environment, Avene has his heart set on offering solar cream on the market bringing protection while minimizing the impact on the marine environment.

However, their commitment does not stop only for their solar products, it goes much further and that, from the design to the end of life of all their products with a limitation of discharges into the water, into the air as well as the production of waste.

As far as solar products are concerned, the idea was to put in place a process around 3 actions which are as follows:

  1. Educate and educate the public about the need for sun protection.
  2. To minimize the environmental impact, a work of eco-design formulas has been done.
  3. Research and actions on patronage on the protection of corals.

Their solar campaign strongly accesses to therapeutic education around sun protection in collaboration with the European Skin Cancer Foundation.

New formulas

To have a minimal impact on the aquatic environment, it was necessary for the formulas to be reviewed with biodegradability tests to improve the biodegradability of the solar formulas.

Here are the new formulas:

– without silicone

– without materials classified as dangerous for the environment

– without water-soluble sunscreen

– without octocrylene, without benzophenone-3 (oxybenzone), without ethylhexyl, methoxycinnamate (octinoxate), without homosalate.

It should be known that all analyses are carried out by a COFRAC accredited laboratory.

 PUR Project

Avene Dermatological Laboratories is supporting the PUR CORAIL project for coral reef restoration in Bali, Indonesia.

The idea of this project is the restoration and preservation of ecosystems to contribute to the regeneration of damaged coral reefs by improving practices of local populations and their living conditions.

An upcoming article will be devoted entirely to Pur Projet to explain to you what they are doing in Indonesia, Bali.

An unwavering link

Being concerned about your health is very important but remember that your health is just as dependent on nature. If it goes bad, then the whole chain will be disrupted. Everything is linked and so your health will depend on that of nature, so think about it and buy environmentally friendly products. These are my words, those that an environmental enthusiast, diver, blogger and health professional.

Respect nature and we will return!


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