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Welcome to my travel blog. My travel blog is devoted mainly to travelling, to discover the beautiful landscapes of Planet Earth.

My travel blog also talks about the environment, nature protection, animals in extinction, animals in danger.

On my travel blog, I present travel photos, animal photos, landscape photos, photos of cultural places.

My goal is to make people aware of the fragility of the Earth, the beauty of the Earth, the environment, the biodiversity.

Work of a Swiss journalist passionate about travel and the environment.

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Wairua Kaieke – Travel blog

About me

"We have a lot of dreams we want to realise but we do not know how we are going to do it. The only thing we have to keep in our mind is our dreams can be true if we strongly trust in them with putting the most beautiful energy - Positive energy" Géraldine  ...

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The Arabian Oryx, a vulnerable species

The Arabian Oryx Summary Article's origin Taxonomy The Arabian Oryx Feeding Reproduction Conservation Conservation of the Arabian oryx in Saudi Arabia and Qatar   The IUCN list The...

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Follow your heart or your head?

Follow your heart or your head?    A new life is waiting for you One day, we all are lead to be faced to a situation, to an event or also to a relationship for which we must to...

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At the time of lockdown, in Thailand

The lockdown in Thailand Who would have thought that one day the whole world would be confined, from Asia to South America passing through Europe? Who would have imagined that...

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Contact, questions & informationWould you like to have more information about the work I am doing on this blog with my articles, or/and my photographs or would you like to question me? Collaborations, invitations & partnersWould you like to invite me to an...

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